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I love magazines. It’s a world where things can be tried and if successful, pushed, evolved, grown. Typography, played with photography and illustration

can carry all the weight of a layout and the rules and expectations can be pushed to within an inch of their lives, only to be brought back to something graceful and elegant.


As a publication art director, I have designed, among others, Elegant Living magazine, an award winning luxury lifestyle magazine, LA Yoga magazine, JLiving magazine and Response Magazine, a Simon Wiesenthal Center publication. 


I also published and designed ValleyLife magazine, a lifestyle magazine. ValleyLife was praised for it’s professional design and great content, as it became a household name in the West San Fernando Valley.

The logos I design all share the same air of appropriateness and quality regardless of business size or budget. The biggest challenge is to identify the organization’s unique style and use it as a catalyst for the new logo. A logo is a flag, a signature, it identifies and it rarely a description of a business. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.


A good logo is the single most important element in creating a first impression in your consumer's mind.


Branding includes the creation of a complete unified corporate identity beginning with logo design and encompassing the branding of everything a potential customer will see. Consistency is the key.

Advertising designs range from hi-tec industries, finance institutions, natural health products, fitness, and film festivals to non- profit fundraising campaigns. If an ad doesn't stand out and communicate the message, it's sure to get lost.

Graphic design is commu-nication and commerce, packaged as an art. It is used to enhance a company’s image or, coupled with advertising copy and concepts; sell ideas, products and service.

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My web site designs are an extension of the brand, not a stand-alone entity. It enables companies to retain their corporate culture and brand image, increase their credibility, and improve their industry position as perceived by their consumers.

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